Toy Geeks: Behind The Counter

Behind the Counter is a weekly online show featuring Ben Goretsky, Jack Venturo, Mitchell DeGuzman, Sarah Jo Marks, & Jack Muramatsu. All the members of the show are involved in the toy community in one way or another and during the show they talk about “all things toys”. The show features old [retro] and new toys, special guests, artists, toy manufacturers and… puppets! Join the toy geeks every Tuesday on YouTube to witness all the fun!


Behind the Counter Segments

Behind the Counter has many segments that we have through-out our episodes. Make sure to watch for them..


Toy Unboxing & Review
If the toy geeks all approve of the toy? It becomes shelf worthy. It stays on that shelf for display at the store and you can come in and see the toys yourself.
Retro Review
We take a cool find from the dark corners of our local antique store, swap meet or garage sale and review a cool vintage toy!
Custom of the Month
We want to see your custom figures! Send us pictures of what toys you have customized and we may ask you to send the toy in for us to review and put it on the shelf. Post your picture on Instagram and use the hashtag #ToyGeeksBTC
Artist of the Month
Go to our Facebook page and share with us who your favorite artist is. We will pick the one to be honored as a artist of the month.
Plush Pick
They are soft! They are cuddly [sometimes]! It’s a plush review extravaganza!
Community Time
Yes we will be giving back! We will work with charities and attempt to do some good.
The Counter Sketchbook
Every episode we ask our guest artist to do a quick 5 minute sketch of their version of what a “Toy Geek” would look like. When the book is filled we will auction it off to you!
Network News
Behind the Counter is part of The Toy Geeks Network and we are growing! Want to join our network? We will announce you on our show and you will be featured on our website and YouTube channel.
Live! Studio Audience
YES! You can actually be here at the store while we film an episode! You may interact and be part of the show!
Audience Participation and Challenges
We will offer social media challenges. on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

FAQ About Behind the Counter

You have questions, we have the answers! Or at least we hope we have the answers you’re looking for. Below are some of the frequently asked questions about the Toy Geeks Network and the shows. If you still can not find the answer you are looking for please feel free to contact us.

How Often Is The Show?
Brand new episodes go up every week. We do sometimes have “On Location” live videos and do take a great during the winter holidays.
Who Is On the Show?
Ben Goretsky & Jack Venturo host the show, they are joined by the team of co-host geeks including Mitchell DeGuzman, Sarah Jo Marks, and Jack Muramatsu. Together they welcome special guests and hosts during the seasons… even puppets!
How Do You Choose Toys to Review
We usually review toys we all like or tend to buy. We also try to review toys that are popular at the moment and people want us to review. If you want us to review a certain toy then Contact Us!
Can You Review MY Toy(s)?
Yes! Just send them over to the 3DRetro Store and we will get “behind the counter” and review them!

1851 S Victory Blvd,
Glendale, CA 91201

Where Do You Film?
Behind the Counter is shot literally behind the counter of the 3DRetro Store in beautiful (Burbank-adjacent) Glendale, CA.
Do you Film with an Audience?
Yes! We do have special shows where we invite a studio audience. We will announce which shows will have that and how you can be part of it.
Can I Sponsor the Show
Yes! We can sponsor a show or the entire network, please contact us regarding sponsorship opportunities.

Who Are The Toy Geeks?

Ben Goretsky
First off, I’m probably the biggest Back to the Future fan you’ll ever meet, no seriously, I even have my own Delorean. Aside from that I have always loved art and when I saw the very first art toys from Hong Kong and Japan I was hooked immediately. I now collect and produce collectible, limited edition art figures. I even have my own toy store, 3DRetro, which sells all the items I produce and more. On top of all that I am the owner of an awesome, annual convention in Anaheim called DesignerCon. Now lets talk toys!

Jack Venturo
I am an award winning filmmaker who loves to watch, discuss, and write movies. I’m an artist & toy customizer who specializes in building dioramas. I am a puppeteer and a distiller. An adventurer and a BBQ Pit Master. I love cooking, entertaining, reflecting and quiet time. I adore dating my wife, singing and dancing with my five daughters, and rolling on the floor with my cat and dog. I’m quite fond of food, tea, coffee, cigars, pipes, wines & spirits, and I am a hoot at playing checkers.

Mitchell DeGuzman


Sarah Jo Marks


Jack Muramatsu