January 16, 2019

Show Notes

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Special Guest: Les Schettkoe

Jack’s Spotlight: Baphomaniac by Martin Ontiveros x TAG
The BAPHOMANIAC stands 8″ tall and features articulation at the arms and head. Designed by Martin Ontiveros, sculpted by Turtlemilk Studios, and produced by Toy Art Gallery. Explore a new dimension in the occult with this piece. It has really an eerie feeling. We get a familiar vibe from this one, maybe the statue of Pazuzu from ‘The Exorcist’ movie?

Mr. Pennybags Monopoly 8 inch Figure:
BAIT x Monopoly Mr Pennybags 7 Inch Vinyl Figure – Standard Limited Edition. Comes with Crow Bar, Bandana, BAIT Money Case, Fake Money, Cane. 1400 limited edition.

Basher Science Figures:
Simon Basher, the creator behind the best selling Basher books series (3 millions sales and counting) has partnered with Mattel to create the first ever Basher Science toys.  The toy line includes Basher Science figurines, card games, collectable cards, play sets and experiment kits.  Children 6+ will now be able to collect and play with their favorite characters from Basher’s Periodic Table, Physics, Biology and Rocks and Minerals books.

Scott Tolleson’s Kind Howie 8inch Dunny:
The sailors would often talk about what they feared most about heading out into the open sea. It was not the sharks or serpents. It was not falling into the dark abyss below. But rather the Odd One that lived there. Thy all feared the King. The ancient King of the Sea. King Howie. From the deepest depth of the ocean, Kidrobot and Scott Tolleson are ready to conjure up the King of the Odd Ones in 8” form with the King Howie 8” Dunny in two unique colors. The kidrobot.com exclusive purple color is limited to 200 worldwide and the green is limited to 500 pieces worldwide. Summon him to your collection today or lose him to the deep forever!

Nickelodeon Collectibles Vinyl Mini Figures Blindbox:
Nick, Nick, Nick. Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick. Nickelodeon. Grab your favorite slap bracelet, lace up your LA lights, and bust out your pager because Nickelodeon and Kidrobot have teamed up to take it back to the 90’s with the all new Nick 90’s Blind Box Mini Series. Featuring fan favorites from Spongebob Squarepants, CatDog, The Angry Beavers, The Wild Thornberrys, Hey Arnold!, Ren & Stimpy, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, Rugrats and Rocko’s Modern Life, this collection is sure to please the 90’s kid in you. Collect all 19 figures or get slimed!

Alex Pardee’s Astronaut Darkness Edition:
Special 3DRetro exclusive edition (100 pieces only) of Alex Pardee’s Astronaut.

Artist of the Month for October : Doktor A

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Toy Geeks

Toy Geeks is dedicated to bringing the most exciting and awesome selection of shows and podcasts on all things related to … you guessed it! Toys! Stay tuned into the toy world with us.