November 19, 2018

Show Notes

Special Guest:  Manny Rivas (Special Ed Toys)

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Video by Steven Mertens.

Review: Trump Wars Brick Figure
It’s a boot on boot on boot on boot… in more ways than one. This brick edition of the Time Bandits collaboration is a limited edition from Special Ed Toys.  These should be available soon… maybe by DesignerCon!

Review: I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing “Protest Trooper” Bootlego Figure
He’s back! After 2 years since his initial release at San Diego Comic Con 2015 the Protest Trooper is back as part of my “Bootlego” series which was previewed almost a year ago at Designer Con 2016! And coming in at just over 1.5″ tall this repurposed 100% authentic Chinese bootleg comes carded on a 6″x4″ mini action figure cardback which is sure to fit anyone’s collection! So grab this adorable little guy before he marches on into somebody else’s collection!

Review: It Came from 1985
A bootleg figure involving 7.. yes 7! different bootleggers. Each one would make a limb that pertains to 1985 and the rest is history and a total mess. Maybe one day we may actually see this figure come to life.

Review: Boba Pin (Design by Luke Chueh) : Light and Shadow Set
A retailer exclusive, this is a double set of a new colorway of the popular Boba pin. It’s Boba Fett drinking Boba! The light and shadow set comes with a dark colorway Boba and the light, glow in the dark version.

Review: F* Your Couch Bootleg Figure
Based off the popular TV skit with “Rick James” and Charlie Murphy… now you can have your very own rich couch [stains from Rick James included].
From the cold blooded mind of Special Ed Toys comes ‘Fuck Yo’ Couch!’ the Non-Action Figure! Because even though you may have a little more sense than that, sometimes the rich muthafucka can just afford to buy another one. . .so grind away! This 3.75″ scale couch comes with dirty cowboy boot prints ground into the cushions for that authentic “Fuck Yo’ Couch” look! And each one comes sealed on a custom cardback that is sure to have you saying, “I wish I had more hands, so I could give this bootleg, 4 thumbs down!”. So pick one up today before you realize, “I should’ve never given you niggas any money. . .”

Review: Jermaine Rogers’ Candy Man Figure
Based off the popular music poster designed by artist Jermaine Rogers comes the candy man. Comes in multiple fruit flavors over the next couple of months.

Review: Strange Things Eleven in the Upside Down Greyscale Edition
Eleven is back from the Upside Down in a brand new fully painted grayscale variant. Each hand painted figure comes carded on a hand signed and numbered cardback. This is a perfect addition for those of you who own the first two Eleven figures or for anyone who missed out on them. And with only 11 being made (ever) you definitely don’t want to sleep on this one. So grab one before she goes back into the Upside Down for good. . .

Review: Trump Wars Arcade Game!
As you collect the different arcade games make sure you get the limited Trump Wars in basic or gold edition.

Artist of the Month for August: Frank Montano

Show info and segments to come

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Toy Geeks

Toy Geeks is dedicated to bringing the most exciting and awesome selection of shows and podcasts on all things related to … you guessed it! Toys! Stay tuned into the toy world with us.