The Toy Geeks are joined behind the counter with the one and only Sarah Jo from DKE toys to go through ALL the amazing releases they will have during SDCC 2017! Whoa! Thats a lot of toys to talk about!

Show Notes

Special Guest: Sarah Jo Marks (DKE Toys)

It’s the Road to SDCC 2017 Announcements!

Juan Muniz Smile “GID” Edition
From Artist Juan Muniz his iconic Felipe is back with only a sign for his expression. “Smile” allows Felipe to hold up his emotion or let it done.
5 inches tall (sitting). Limited Edition. This is the limited Glow in the Dark edition sold at Juan’s booth during SDCC.

Jim McKenzie King Gordo “Greyscale Edition
King Gordo, one of McKenzie’s most recognizable characters has now become the subject of his very first vinyl figure. This piece stands 7 inches tall and is produced by 3DRetro and will be sold at the 3DRetro booth 5250. Jim will be signing on Friday of SDCC between 1-3pm.

Double G Toys Pins
Pins! Pins! Pins! So many cool toys from the good people at Double G Toys, booth 5250. Pins include the plumber pins, logo pins and Bulba Fett pins!

Yoclops by Little Lazies
This is one of the most special exclusives DKE has ever had. Each piece has been hand sculpted by Leah Lester of Little Lazies. 
No two are exactly the same but they are so close to one another that it’s kind of hard to imagine that they aren’t cast and she made 50 of them!!! 
They are signed and numbered on the bottom of the figure and carded in a package she designed and are only $55.

I Am A Man by RYCA
UK based street artist RYCA is one of the more prolific artists in the resin game. We never shy away from political statements with what we carry and this is no exception. One of the most powerful pieces we have had. Hand cast and painted 3.75″ carded figure. Signed and numbered edition of 30. $55 tax included.

Art Trooper Series: Haring by RYCA
The Art Trooper Series next installment is the iconic fan favorite Keith Haring. This is a follow up to the sold out Andy Warhol and Basquiat figures.
Hand cast and painted 3.75″ carded figure.
Signed and numbered edition of 65. $55 tax included.

Wampapi by RYCA
Our third and final entry from RYCA is a blinged out take on the 6″ vintage Kenner toy. A whole lot of resin for $80. Signed and numbered edition of 25.
Hand cast and hand painted. RYCA also silk screens and die cuts his own card backs as well as make his own blisters.
Wampapi has real 23.5kt gold leaf and a Swarovski crystal!

A Real American Value Meal by CNE
This one is from a new company on the scene, CNE or Chicken Nugget Enterprises. This is their take on what this cybernetic chicken would look like as a GI Joe style figure. Sculpted by none other than George Gaspar of Double G Toys. Card art work was an existing painting by Jason Edmiston that they got permission to use and the card back was designed by Carlos Espinoza of MOC Toys. Each piece is hand cast and painted 3.75″ carded figure.
Edition of 100.

Job Wars by Jason Adams
This is the first time we have worked with Jason Adam. He just started making figure not too long ago. He is a well known artist and illustrator and has done lots of work for Topps and other companies over the years. Here is his poor unemployed clone trooper looking for a job. Dov collects political art with Star Wars references so anytime someone uses a Star Wars theme to communicate a political idea Dov is on it. Hand cast and painted 3.75″ carded figure. edition of 20. $55

Junkie the Krusty Clown by Dollar $lice Bootlegs
Wow!!! Well this happened. Dollar Slice is at it again this time with a not so politically correct version of this cartoonish clown. I guess Junky got in trouble and well now you can own it. Check out the back boys and girls. Hand cast and painted 3.75″ carded figure. Signed and numbered edition of 30. $55

Santo Vader by Carlos Ramirez
Carlos Ramirez is formerly a member of the Date Farmer’s painting team. Both Dov and I think they are amazing and we have several of their paintings. We reached out to them and Carlos was into making a figure for SDCC. He hand made a wooden figure which was cast in resin. He hand painted and decorated each one individually and carded them on a hand painted card back which is cut from plywood. Each one is unique. Signed and numbered out of 30 on the back.
Each figure is about 4 inches tall. At $100 this is one of the best deals of the show. You can’t get a piece of his art for less and when the Date Farmers were still partners paintings ranged in the $5-25k range. Don’t miss this one!!!

Boss Vaderus Maximus Pin by DrilOne
Our buddy Dril made a Vader helmet a few years ago for DCon that was a Mad Max mash up. Here he turned that image into a pin. This is the Soviet era color way with red star on the forehead. Limited to 100 pieces. $10

Bounty Hunter by Manly Art
So DKE was talking to Jason Chalker of Manly Art and Jason was not able to cast any figures because he was in the middle of a move from Texas to New Jersey. Jason usually has another figure in his Pimp2D2’s Big Score line for us like Pimp2D2 or C3PHo etc
Signed and numbered out of 24. $150 and comes with a sparkly blue Fett resin figure to round the piece out

STR WAS: DTH VDR by Mark Todd
Last year we got more attention about Mark Todd’s Chewback figure than just about anything else. Here is his follow up. Mark hand sculpted the piece, it was cast in resin and then he hand painted each one and crafted a cape and saber. The card back is signed and numbered and is printed on a risograph which is the same type of machine his zines are printed on. If you don’t know what that is please google it. Its an amazing machine. Signed and numbred edition of 30.

R2-DPoo by by Random Skull Productions
In our collection I think we have just about everything with R2D2 legs on it and if we don’t have it I am sure its been done. Well Random Skull has managed to do something we have never seen before, yes an out house called R2DPoo!!! Hand cast and painted 3.75″ carded figure. Signed and numbered edition of 40

Muckuss by Credenda Studios
Beau Greener of Credenda Studios has a follow up to his bounty hunter horror film mash up line. The previously sold out Freddy Fett, Bossk Lives and Galactic Chainsaw Massacre is followed by Muckuss which mashes up Zuckuss with Michael Meyers. Hand cast and painted 3.75″ carded figure. Signed and numbered edition of 30. $65

Space Wars Coffee by Killer Bootlegs
Peter Goral of Killer Bootlegs has had a sting of convention sell outs over the years and this one is an excellent candidate for that. I guess not everything has had R2D2 legs attached to it. This one was originally going to be called Star Buck but we thought that too close. Hand cast and painted 3.75″ scale carded figure. Signed and numbered edition of 50. $55

The Great Showdowns by Scott C
We are long time Scott C fans in our house. The Great Showdowns are a series of paintings art shows and books depicting classic pop culture good guys and bad guys. This figure was sculpted by our very own George Gaspar of Double G toys who helped bring Scott C’s characters to life. You get two hand cast and hand painted resin figures on each card featuring Scott C’s signature. He also numbered them out of 50. What’s interesting about this is George is usually asked to interpret a character into an action figure giving them toy qualities and characteristics.
This time he really maintained the look and feel of the actual painting (with Scott C’s supervision of course) $100 each .

Darth Trump by Special Ed Toys
Special Ed Toys is back with the third incarnation of his Darth Trump figure. We generally don’t offer new colorways of older figures but since the past editions we had at NYCC and DCon fetch anywhere between $300 and $500 on ebay and it won a Designer Toy Award for 2016 we figured how could we go wrong.
This “spirit” edition is hand cast and hand painted 3.75″ figure. It is limited to 50 pieces, signed and numbered on the back of the card. $110

Trump Wars Arcade Cabinet by Timebandits x Special Ed Toys x Carlos Flores
So Special Ed and Timebandits met this guy Carlos Flores who makes the coolest vintage arcade cabinets that are 3.75″ scale. So they decided why not make one for Darth Trump to play? Edition of 25, bagged with header card. $45

Find Us at SDCC 2017 (Booth 5250) and Get a Free Pin! 

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