February 22, 2018

About Toy Geeks Network

Welcome to the Toy Geeks network. We are dedicated to bringing the most exciting and awesome selection of shows and podcasts on all things related to … you guessed it! Toys! We love all kinds of toys and our network’s personalities will review, announce & teach you all about them. All of our amazing shows also feature special guests and artists.. stay tuned into the toy world with us.


What Are the Shows?

Behind the Counter
Growing up I had all sorts of action figures from He-Man to Star Wars and everything in between. I currently collect way too many things to list. As far as experience, I have been working in the industry since 1996. I have worked all over from replica prop shops to McFarlane Toys, SOTA Toys, Mezco Toys, Gentle Giant Studios, and many others in between. Most of my professional career has been with action figures and collectibles which is why, with my own company, I really wanted to get into the vinyl/art side of things.

Marsham Toy Hour
First off, I’m probably the biggest Back to the Future fan you’ll ever meet, no seriously, I even have my own Delorean. Aside from that I have always loved art and when I saw the very first art toys from Hong Kong and Japan I was hooked immediately. I now collect and produce collectible, limited edition art figures. I even have my own toy store, 3DRetro, which sells all the items I produce and more. On top of all that I am the owner of an awesome, annual convention in Pasadena called DesignerCon. Now lets talk toys!

Toy Dames
I am an award winning filmmaker who loves to watch, discuss, and write movies. I’m an artist & toy customizer who specializes in building dioramas. I am a puppeteer and a distiller. An adventurer and a BBQ Pit Master. I love cooking, entertaining, reflecting and quiet time. I adore dating my wife, singing and dancing with my five daughters, and rolling on the floor with my cat and dog. I’m quite fond of food, tea, coffee, cigars, pipes, wines & spirits, and I am a master at playing checkers.